Diabetic Foot Clinic

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Diabetic foot injuries cause more hospitalization than all other complications of diabetes.Approximately 15% of diabetic patients have ulcers and 12-24% of those patients with ulcer require amputation.Diabetes is the number one cause of non-traumatic limb amputation in all developed countries.Amputation is inevitable for a diabetic patient who is injured in the foot when treatment is delayed.The risk of amputation for the other leg after the leg amputee is 50% for 5 years.In cases where nerve damage to the diabetic foot wound is accompanied, the likelihood of repetition after a good treatment is 66% while the likelihood of going to amputation is 12%.

A diabetic foot wound is first evaluated by a plastic surgeon, then the patient's veins are assessed by a vascular surgeonThe patient is directed to the endocrinology and / or internal medicine specialist for metabolic control of diabetes, one of the most important parts of treatment.If infection is suspected, the necessary cultures are removed and treatment by an infectious disease specialist begins immediately.

The treatment of diabetic wounds is a team job. Our 10-bed wound care clinic has an experienced team of diverse experts, including Plastic Surgeon, Cardiovascular Surgery, Endocrinology and / or Internal Medicine Specialist, Infection Disease Specialist, and Orthopedic Specialist for the treatment of diabetic wounds.