Anesthesia And Reanimation

In our hospital, the Anesthesia and Re-animation Unit provides services before and after surgical interventions within the scope of patient care and treatment activities.

The most appropriate method of anesthesia is chosen together with the patient after a thorough medical examination and evaluation of the anesthesia specialist doctor prior surgical procedures. In line with the evaluation; general, regional or local anesthesia may be preferred

Chest Dıseases

Our unit provides diagnosis and treatment services for a broad range of respiratory system diseases both outpatient and inpatient basis.

Some of the main areas are ;

-Cronic obstructive lung disease

-Asthma bronchiale


-Pneumonia and other respiratory infections

-Pulmonary clotting and other venous diseases of the lung

-Pleura diseases

-Allergic lung diseases

-Lung edema and heart related lung diseases

-Cystic diseases of the lung

-Respiratory inefficiency