International Medicine Unit

About us

Internal Medicine Unit covers a broad range of services in our hospital . Through in depth physical examinations, laboratory ( hematology, urinary, gaita…) and radiological ( roentgen, ultrasound, tomography, MR, bone densitometry…) examinations, prompt diagnosis can be made and treatment is provided in time.

The unit collaborates with the other fields of internal medicine such as endocrinology, hematology, gastroenterogy, nephrology, etc. and also with other surgical units such as orthopedics, general surgery, urology and non-surgical units such as cardiology, neorology, dermatology, etc. for prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the areas are;

-Diabetes Hyper Blood pressure

-Treatment of high cholesterol and triglicerite

-Thyroid illnesses

-Respiratory diseases

-Digestion system illnesses

-Liver and gall bladder illnesses

-Kidney illnesses


-Rheumatic illnesses

-Obesity Prompt diagnosis for cancer types

-Check up programmes