Ear Nose And Throat

Examination, tests and diagnosis and treatment of diseases are carried out at our Hospital.

Some of the areas are;

 • Hearing loss
 • Ear infections
 • Balance diseases
 • Vertigo
 • Tinnitus
 • Chronic sinusitis
 • Nose allergies
 • Olfaction disorder
 • Nose-bleed
 • Nasal obstruction and problems about external appearance of the nose 
 • Nose diseases such as nasal polyposis 
 • Diseases such as lacrimal gland congestion
 • Voice disorders
 • Swallowing problems
 • Throat diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux
 • Malign and benign tumors of head and neck 
 • Standard surgeries such as intranasal deviation, tonsilla, adenoid, endoscopic sinusitis surgery 

 • Repair of tympanum, operations for hearing loss and otitis 
 • Surgical procedures for vocal diseases 
 • Functional and aesthetic nose operations