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In Urology Unit of Buca seyfi Demirsoy Goverment Hospital , urinary disorders of male and females of all ages and reproductive organ structure and functions are evaluated.

With the laboratory, radiology and Urology examination facilities, our specialist physicians promptly diagnose and treat disorders and illnesses.

Our clinic has 30 beds and offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. We  admitted 58313 outpatient and 3369 inpatients in the last year.  Among these patients, were surgical operations that  105 patients major, 648 big, 613 middle and 2274 minor. in addition, our  Clinic has performed over 10,000 safe, pain-free circumcisions on males of all ages. Our award-winning centre performs circumcision in İzmir using the most modern and safe methods paying close attention to achieving a good cosmetic outcome and minimising discomfort.

The following are some of the main areas;

-Prostatic illnesses

-Kidney illnesses

-Bladder illnesses

-Testical disorders

-Male sexual functions disorders

-Female Urology

-Pediatric Urology


-Genital Aesthetics