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Two Firsts Experienced Together in Buca Seyfi Demirsoy Hospital's First Patient Coming With Health Tourism

Ministry of Health Buca Seyfi Demirsoy State Hospital, two firsts lived together in the same patient. The patient M.J., who came from Turkmenistan with Health Tourism, was discharged with recovery after surgical treatment. The surgical method applied to the patient was applied in M.J. for the first time in the hospital.

One Patient, Two First…

In the last quarter of 2018, Buca Seyfi Demirsoy State Hospital started accepting patients as one of the first hospitals to receive the "Health Tourism Authorization Certificate" in Izmir. Now the hospital is happy to discharge its first patient, who came through health tourism. A Turkmenistan national, 60 years old female patient named M. J. feels a mass in her chest and has her tests done in her own country. The patient, diagnosed with breast cancer, seeks a health center for treatment. When a relative living in Turkey-İzmir says that there are very good hospitals and doctors here, the hospital reaches the health tourism unit. First of all, she sends the examinations to the health tourism officer via WhatsApp and e-mail. The patient, who is evaluated by a team of hospital doctors, is accepted. The patient, who was operated on by General Surgery Specialist Ebru Tanyer, is discharged with full recovery. In addition, the method applied to the patient in the surgery has the feature of being performed for the first time in the hospital.

My Surgery Was Successfully Performed…

Turkmen patient M. J., who was happy to be discharged with healing, expressed his feelings as follows; ‘I felt a mass in my breast, I was diagnosed with breast cancer as a result of the tests I had done in my own country. When I learned about my disease, I immediately searched for a hospital for my treatment. My relative living in Izmir said that there are specialist doctors and hospitals here. Then I reached Seyfi Demirsoy State Hospital Health Tourism Unit. I sent the examinations I had before to the unit manager. After mutual correspondence, I came to Izmir and had my surgery successfully. My disease had not progressed. However, in the long term, I will have my controls and other necessary treatments done. At the moment, I am very happy that I have successfully had my surgery before my disease has spread. I would like to thank the hospital health tourism unit and everyone who contributed, especially my doctor Ebru Tanyer and her team.”

A method we used for the first time in our hospital…
The operation of the patient, Op. Dr. Ebru Tanyer, on the other hand, said, “Our patient had a biopsy of the right breast in her own country and applied to us with the diagnosis of breast cancer. It was determined that there was no spread outside the breast in imaging methods and examination. We performed a mastectomy on the patient. In order to understand whether there was microscopic spread in the axillary lymph nodes, the sentinal lymph node (guard lymph node) biopsy technique was applied by applying patent blue dye before the operation. Frozen (rapid pathology examination during surgery) study was performed. Armpit dissection was not performed because there were no malignant cells. Armpit dissection may cause swelling, pain, and limitation of use of the arm in patients. We prevented these undesirable events by protecting the patient from unnecessary lymph node removal. The reason why this patient is important to us is that, in addition to being the first patient to come to us through health tourism, Sentinal Lymph node Dissection surgery was performed for the first time in our hospital. He conveyed his thoughts by saying, "We successfully treated our patient and discharged him."

Our First Patient Coming With Health Tourism…

Hospital Health Tourism Responsible Mehtap Akçapınar said, "As one of the first hospitals to receive the "Health Tourism Authorization Certificate" in İzmir in 2018, we started accepting patients. In this process, as in the past, we continued to take our patients within the scope of tourist health. However, our first patient who was operated within the scope of health tourism and received inpatient service, M.J. from Turkmenistan. it happened. Our patient reached our unit through a relative living in İzmir. We requested all the examinations related to the disease via WhatsApp and e-mail in the patient with whom we interviewed by phone. After the examinations were evaluated by the doctors of our hospital, our patient was accepted and a treatment plan was created. We invited him by saying that if he comes to our hospital on the date we have informed him, his treatment will be carried out in our hospital. The operation of the patient who accepted our invitation was successfully performed. When the patient first came, he was very worried, hopeless and under intense stress. As she met our doctor and other healthcare professionals who would take care of her health, her confidence and hope increased. We were also very happy that our patient left here happier and more hopeful after the operation. '' he said, conveying his feelings and thoughts.